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ℹ️ Intro

Staker is a non-custodial wallet developed by Gnosis Safe technology. It's a 1 stop-shop, easy to use, easy to onboard new people with & has great referral program to earn more.

With Staker, you can: deposit, swap, stake, send and earn.

🏦 Deposit

You can use our in-app partners or the fiat-to-crypto exchange of your choice to fund your wallet. Read more about funding.

🔄 Swap

You can seamlessly swap in between these 3 ERC-20 tokens (HEX, ETH or USDC).

⏳ Stake

(Only HEX can be staked). You can Stake HEX and prepare your transaction within a minute or two. The Stake then goes live by the time the new "full day" starts.

➡️ Send

You can transfer any of these 3 ERC-20 token (HEX, ETH or USDC) to any ETH wallet address compatible of your choice whenever you want. It's trustless and permissionless.

💰 Earn (Referral)

Staker offers a highly competitive referral program to reward users for onboarding new people onto the app. Referrers will be able to claim 20% of the revenue they contributed to generate.

Read more about Staker Advanced Features.

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