✅ Guaranteed Transactions

What's amazing about Staker over other wallets is that your transactions never fail after being initiated. You will only pay the fee once and have the guarantee that we will always make sure that it goes through reasonably fast.

😎 ETH-less fees

You can pay the transaction fees in HEX, USDC or ETH as opposed to only being able to use ETH if you were to use any other wallet solution available on the market.

🪜 Multi-Stakes

You can do a multi-stakes staking ladder in 1 single bundled transaction. You'd still have to pay for the fees of each stake in the bundle.

🔐 Security

More security features via Gnosis safe to allow multisig and hardware wallets usability (I.E. Ledger & Trezor) + an easier user interface that will be coming soon once the V2 comes live to make it easier for stakers to increase their level of security if they wish too. It will be as easy as enabling biometrics now on your setting options within the app to use the security tools that your smartphone has.

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