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I don't have any crypto

  • Options:

    • In-app partners to buy ETH or USDC: or Transak.

      • Ramp is recommended for US person or Worldwide users.

        • Can be found on Home Screen under the "Hamburger Menu". Tap "Fund", then select the "Ramp" option.

        • Key Point. Transaction fees are 3% of the $ transfer. I.E. $10,000 Transfer will cost $300 in fees. If the fee is greater than $30; Users are suggested to use a Wire transfer method instead if you have a bank account. This will save you from using additional funds on fees but will require you to buy through an exchange.

        • If you prefer the Ramp option, simply follow the on screen directions steps to fund your Smart Wallet.

        • Once you complete all steps, please verify that the money successfully left your account to be converted for Crypto. Sometimes banks will block your transfer which will stop the in-app partner from funding your account.

          You will also see & receive a transaction confirmation once the transfer to your Smart wallet is completed.

    • Exchanges: Coinbase, Kraken, Gemini

      • Example: Gemini Exchange walkthrough.

        • Download & Register Gemini App or go through on a PC.

        • Exchange verification might take 24 to 48 hrs to be completed depending on the documents provided by the user.

        • Download the Authy App as well for 2 Factors Authentication, specific to Gemini for extra Safety.

        • Once verified by the Exchange, set up a WIRE transfer for a same day transfer. Some banks require you to complete the paperwork at your branch. Wire Fee can vary from $20-$30 for any dollar amount you wish to transfer.

        • You will find your Gemini Wire instructions within the app under USD Deposit Instructions.Your Reference Code is where your funds will be deposited. Follow the 3 steps listed very carefully.

        • Some banks require a contact number for Gemini - 1-866-240-5113

        • ACH or EFT transfer are Free but your funds will be held on the exchange for 5 to 7 days.

        • Once your funds clear on the Exchange, proceed to purchasing ETH then sending the ETH to your Staker Smart Wallet. In Gemini go to Account, then "Withdraw from Gemini", tap the word "ETH" under Cryptos. Enter the ETH amount you wish to transfer.

        • To complete the withdrawal open your Staker app and copy/paste your Staker Smart Wallet Address to clipboard. Re-enter the Gemini app and paste it to complete the withdrawal.

        • Upon completing the withdrawal, you will receive a notification on your phone via the Authy app to verify that you are initiating the transfer.

        • Transfer to your smart wallet may take a few minutes to complete depending on the network congestion on the Ethereum blockchain.

I already have crypto (HEX, ETH or USDC)

  • Download

    • Sign in with an email of your choice and request your smart wallet.

    • Safely store your 24 Secret words once you complete your smart wallet request.

    • Pay only 0.003 ETH (approx. $10) smart wallet activation fee by following the 3 step process.

    • Once your payment has been received, your smart wallet will be activated within 15-20 minutes. Upon receiving your smart wallet go ahead and copy/paste the Smart Wallet address to clipboard. Now transfer your ETH/HEX/USDC into the Smart Wallet address you just copied.

  • Next, go to Step 4/4 (Swap/Stake)

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